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Mariposa Apartment Homes at South Broadway

Back in the late 1990’s, it was a vision of Bonner Carrington to create a new kind of lifestyle for independent adults 55+; one that makes a difference in the lives of every single resident. Mariposa Apartment Homes offers that lifestyle that has been an inspiration and a way of life for thousands of active adults.

At Mariposa Apartment Homes, we believe that you deserve a home alive with activity where you can enjoy the company of your neighbors, and where a friendly and inviting lifestyle is more than you can imagine. Sure, we have fun, social and recreational activities every day, but we added a new dimension. Integrity, purpose, and a sense of community sets Mariposa Apartment Homes in a league of its own. Our intention is to create that sense of community for all our residents who come here and call Mariposa home.

1211 South Broadway

Joshua, TX 76058

Phone: (817) 645-8700