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Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance – Protection for Everyone on the Road

Auto insurance is not only useful for drivers, but it benefits others on the road as well. When you have coverage, it means that you’re covered in case you cause an accident. That means others in the accident will receive the help they need from your insurance company. And in most states, it is mandatory to have auto coverage.

How Does Auto Insurance Work?

To put it plainly, you choose the policy that best suits your situation. Your state might require a minimum level of coverage. If so, that usually means you must have liability coverage. You can choose to add more coverage, but liability is the least you can have.

Most policies charge a monthly premium. And that premium is based on a number of things, such as your age, driving history, and type of car.

Forms of Coverage

The type of coverage you have determines what is covered. If you have liability, then bodily injury and property damage is covered. But the benefits go to the person who is the victim of a car accident that you cause. If you want coverage for your own injuries, than personal injury protection is what you need.

Collision coverage is for when you hit another object such as an animal, a guardrail, or a building. And there’s comprehensive coverage that covers most things, including damage to your car that’s not your fault, such as from a hit and run, or a shopping cart.

The main benefit of auto insurance is the money is saves. Plus, it helps knowing you’ll have financial assistance to pay for the aftermath of an auto accident.