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Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance for Water Mishaps

Boat insurance is important for anyone who owns a boat. It doesn’t matter if you have a sailboat, speedboat, or yacht – insurance is a good idea. It might even be required in your sate.

What Does a Policy Cover?

Boat insurance provides coverage for your boat as well as liability for what happens on the boat. The coverage applies if the boat gets stolen or vandalized, damaged while docked, as well as if there is an accident on the water. Liability will help pay fees if someone is injured on your boat and you’re responsible for the injury.

It’s also possible to add additional coverage to a policy. These additions provide more protection against additional possible scenarios. Make sure to choose an adequate level of coverage so any out of pocket expenses will be minimal.

Top Benefits

The best thing about boat insurance is the financial help it provides. It takes money to replace items, to make repairs, to pay for damages, and to face a lawsuit. But with coverage, filing a claim to receive help is a simple process. The insurance company will validate the claim and then cover the costs, minus your deductible. It makes things much easier following a mishap on the boat.