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Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance is for Business Owners

Commercial auto insurance is for company vehicles. If a vehicle is used in the operation of a business, then it is officially a commercial auto. A personal auto insurance policy doesn’t apply to a commercial vehicle. So you can’t put a fleet of business vehicles on your personal auto policy. This commercial policy is for any business that owns commercial vehicles.

How it Works

A commercial policy pays to repair or replace damaged or stolen business vehicles. This is a huge financial benefit because it saves money and gets your vehicles back on the road. Cost may be an issue, but when it comes to business, you might regret not getting the best coverage you can afford.

Coverage Options and Benefits

There are numerous options for coverage. If you have a fleet, then you need enough coverage for all of the vehicles. You also need to have coverage for employee drivers. If nothing else, make sure to get liability. That will provide compensation to others who are hurt in accidents with your drivers. But if you can, get the best coverage that you can afford. Just make sure it’s what your business needs.