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Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance: Good for Every Bike on the Road

Motorcycle insurance is vehicle coverage for those who have a motorcycle. In most states, all vehicles must have insurance coverage – including motorcycles. Even if you hardly ever ride your motorcycle, you still need insurance.

This coverage is simply an insurance policy for a motorcycle. Just like you’d get coverage for your truck, you need similar coverage for your motorcycle. It’s for your protection and for others on the road. Your state might require a minimum level of coverage, but there are additional options available.

Your coverage should be sufficient to meet your needs and to fulfill state requirements. And if you’ve made bike modifications, then your policy should cover the actual value of the bike instead of its depreciated value. You can also get coverage for situations in which the bike is vandalized or stolen.


Your motorcycle can experience an incident at any time. You might damage your tires, have a collision, or have your bike stolen – many things can happen. With motorcycle insurance, you will be able to file a claim with the insurance company and get the help you need. In addition, if your state requires coverage, then you’ll benefit from staying within the law.